Workvan Lock

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Workvan Lock

Everyone who's ever owned or operated a work van full of tools and equipment knows how vulnerable the van contents are. A large screwdriver or tire iron is usually enough to prize open a typical van door. You return to the van the next morning, and all your equipment all gone. Thousands of dollars worth of valuable equipment is stolen and sold later for pennies on the dollar. Then you have to start from scratch. Now, here's a great solution. With this integrated, almost impossible to break in solution, your gear and your workvan are safe.

If you depend on your workvan and its contents for a living, this intrusion prevention solution is for you. It takes me about 30 minutes to make your workvan impervious to break-in, and the job costs $399 per van.

The typlcal workvan has two points of entry into the cargo area: one at the rear, and one at the side. The complete package I offer includes two locks, installed and fully operational for the fixed price of $399.

It will help you sleep at night and keep your business operating. I can even do the job at your place of work. Call me today to schedule an appointment ... before it's too late.

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