What does a Locksmtih do?

What does a Locksmtih do?

April 25, 2016


What does a Locksmith do?


What do people usually think I do?

This is a common question when I meet people.  The first thing most people think about is being locked out of somewhere or something.  So usually the first part of the conversation is them asking me if I can open a car, a home, an office.  Which of course I do, can and have done before.  Then I can see the wheels start to turn and they try to think of other difficult or odd locks they may have run into.

Those locks for trailer hitches, yes.  My RV, yes. Grandma’s old china cabinet, yes.  This little box I picked up at a garage sale, it NEVER had a key, yes I can open it and yes usually I can make a key for it.  Since all locks work on the same basic principle, a Locksmith studies the mechanics of locks which becomes a foundation of knowledge.

What else do I do?

The technical term for the majority of my work is called ‘Access Control.’  For example, when you buy a new home you don’t want anyone from the home’s past to have access.  So you would call me and I would change the internal working of the existing locks on your doors so now only you have the key that will gain access to the house.

When you buy that new home, the previous homeowner may not have passed on the locking mailbox key, therefore you have no access.  While I am out working on your house I would then be able to open and replace your mailbox lock.  So if you have something with a lock and no key that is a good time to call me.  Hey a rhyme.

Part of Access control is keeping others OUT of your possessions as well as your property.  A Locksmith will have better solutions to most security scenarios.  A common one, that you can see in my other blog posts, is security for work and service vans.  I have literally seen a guy who gashed holes through the meatal doors and snaked a chain with a padlock through the holes.  Not only did it look just terrible, but it was also not any more secure than if he left it alone.  My system will use the proper locks and installation methods to keep things looking good and working for years to come.

What is the least common thing I do?

This is also a natural conclusion to our conversation, so people commonly ask this as well.  I specialize in residential locksmithing, servicing properties and possessions of the common man.  Sometimes the home owners are also business owners.  I can do the same work on small office spaces as well, if your looking for a high speed lockdown commercial hospital system, I will probably refer you.  But If you are an accounting office, a small doctor office or any sort of manufacturing I can help.

I also work on safes.  Most commonly a key or combo is lost.  As a locksmith I am registered with many safe companies and they will provide me lost combinations and keys.  Getting into a locked safe is not an easy task so if it is an old family heirloom, it will take some research to get it done, but generally there isn’t anything that can’t be opened.

How safe can you really make my home?

Today’s locks are pretty well made and really do a pretty good job. Unfortunately we all know locks only keep out honest people.  If someone wants in, well they will get in, as a common lock and deadbolt can be bypassed with a good kick to the door, this is the most common entry method for thieves.

To prevent this type of attack on your home, I have a three point upgrade that can be done to your home.  The first step is to upgrade your door jambs, this is a metal wrap that is installed behind all your trim work, so it is not scene.  This will prevent a kick-in.  Next we put a film on any window at ground level or a place where a bad guy could easily break the pane and enter your home.  The last step is to upgrade your locks to an uncommon key way to prevent bumping.  This upgrade also has more security on the inside make it more difficult to pic open as well.

The cost of this upgrade is very economical, in the $200-$300 range per door, and most houses have one to two entrance doors.  Very little money for all that security.


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