How to protect your home in Bothell

How to protect your home in Bothell

How to protect your home in Bothell, WA


How do you protect a home?


It is not uncommon or incorrect to put a lot of planning into painting your house, landscaping your yard or putting on an addition.  I don’t have a lot of people talking about planning the protection of their most valuable asset, their home.  A few simple and affordable steps can really upgrade the protection value your home can give you not only from ‘Bad Guys’ but from the ever increasing threat from Mother Nature herself.

The first step is to know your locksmith BEFORE you need him. This is the largest challenge for most people because you have to do it when all is well, this is an insurance strategy.  You have to do all the work just in case you may need it, because you can’t have it AFTER something happens. In today’s day and age I tell all my friends and contacts to put my number in your phone, Aaron the Locksmith 425-213-7920. It is remarkable that 98% of the people that have called me over my years of doing this all have their phones, but not their keys.

To increase the protection we focus on the access points, those would be any door going from your living space to the outside.  The door from your kitchen into the garage does not count but the door on the side of the garage to the outside does.  The average home has very few of these doors, one reason it is affordable. The main upgrade to protect against nature it to protect your windows, so large pane window should also be addressed for the most thorough protection.

How do you protect the doors?


First, have good locks. Use a brand that uses all metal in the assembly of the lock.  There is a common brand out that that allows the owner to rekey the lock without having to call a professional.  The engineering is impressive unfortunately it is made with plastic.  Ensure you locks latch and the deadbolt fully extends. Ensure there is no shacking of the door, generally good weather stripping is all that is needed, a small but important item commonly overlooked.

Right now on 99% of the homes are one of two brands of locks.  This allows for easier pic and bump key attacks.  These common locks have five pins where as my upgraded locks have six.  This makes it much more difficult to pic open.  My security lock also has a very uncommon keyway, this is important to thwart bump key attacks as you need an actual key for the attack to work. So if a bad guy can’t even get a key to fit, you are protected.  These keys are actually restricted so that only registered locksmiths can obtain these keys and only I can copy any key I give you.  Not even another locksmith will copy the key so you can be assured there are no unaccounted for copies.

Good locks, keep out the good people.  Common house construction allows for good locks to forced open with a swift kick or hit to the door. I can install product on the actual door frame that prevent this from happening.  It is such a reliable product that the company that makes it will reimburse you for any loss if a burglar gets in with this method.

Cost to protect doors; Feel free to text me a picture of your locks, 425-213-7920, and I can tell you if you your brand is made of metal or plastic.  In all of cases you won’t have to make any additional purchases.  If the latches or deadbolts don’t land properly a service call from a locksmith is generally all it takes and that is around $50-$75 depending on the locksmith.

For the kick-in protection it is under $300 per door.  Not all doors have to be done at once, just do one door a month, I don’t charge extra service calls I am here to help.

How do you protect the windows?


Windows are protected using a safety film that gets applied to the inside of the window.  The common application is a clear film that you cannot see, but if you are interested you can also take advantage of various level of tints for those sunny windows or opaque to offer privacy.

This film will protect the window from shattering if it is struck by an object.  Bad guys like to throw rocks or yard items through windows in doors, or larger ground level and hidden windows and glass doors that they can crawl through.  Especially here in the PNW Mother Nature blows through and downs many trees and branches.  Any good size window in a family member room should be addressed if there are trees on the property.

The cost is only $9 per sq. ft of glass installed. This makes a common three by three double hung window just under $175, a very affordable step to protect a loved one.

What about Alarms?


Alarms notify you that your belongings are being stolen.  My system keeps them physically out of your home so you can keep that sense of peace that you will never have again after an intruder makes his way in.


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