Our Values

  • Never need to break in

    In the years of locksmithing, I've never had to damage a home to get inside. I will get you back into your home or vehicle without damaging it.
  • The most economical way

    I won't overcharge, and when I quote a price, I'll stick to it.
  • Family safety first

    The safety of your family is my Top Priority.

Our Details

18601 94th AVE NE
Bothell WA 98011

Customer Testimonials

  • Aaron was a real hero. he showed up on time, fixed my lock situation for the exact price he quoted.

    - Teresa F., Snohomish

  • I love the clearly understandable pricing Aaron gave us. The $99 all-locks service on our new house was unbeatable.

    - Jim K., Bothell

  • The Security Review Aaron did on our house was great. I was startled by the sheer number of ways an intruder could get into our house. He secured everything and I feel a lot safer out here in the sticks.

    - Susan S, Monroe, WA

  • Great, Aaron was able to get me into my car at 3AM without breaking in. He showed up 20 minutes, and the price was great!

    - Shirley W, Bothell WA